LO MEIN(soft noodles)


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Patapsco M.MD

I can't believed I've lived so close for so long and I've never eaten here. It's a bit hard to find, and they don't help themselves by not having a sign in English on the storefront. It's just on the other side of the sports-bar that is adjacent to Lotte Market.

We had the new crispy fried Bon Chon chicken, both the hot and the mild, and both were delicious. Not fatty at all, lean tasting but super crunchy with a succulent soy glaze on them. Will be back for those.

Also had some of the home-made noodles (see here http://www.youtube.com... ) with black bean sauce- the spicy version. They were delicious, so good we ordered extra noodles to sop up the sauce. Will be back for these also.

The service was great, and we liked the ambiance. Very impressed overall and as I've said twice already, we will be back!

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Chajang Myun is another popular noodle dish enjoyed by many Asians. Most Koreans consider this meal a Chinese dish and it is usually only found in Korean/Chinese restaurants. Chajang is the sauce made from black bean paste which gives its distinctive black color and myun means noodle. The final chanjang sauce contains onion, meat and/or seafood, usually squid, shrimp, sea cucumber and others but never any fish ingredients. Some starch is added to give it a thick consistency and it is served over noodles. Another common dish using this chajang sauce is chajang-bop which is the chajang sauce served over bop which means steamed, short-grain rice (usually white).